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At Secure Nest our mission is to increase the accessibility of schema therapy to enrich the wellbeing of individuals. We provide a range of tools which empower individuals to change negative life patterns and get their core emotional needs met in everyday life.

Our website assists therapists and clients to enhance connection and engagement between sessions, along with promoting self-expression and autonomy. Secure Nest provides a collaborative workspace for therapists to support their clients using schema therapy for individual or group therapy settings. It also provides a self-education component where individuals can learn about schema therapy.

We hope that Secure Nest can provide you with the resources to understand your life patterns, strengthen your connections and attain your personal goals. Hummingbirds create incredibly rich and complex lives by following their curiosity. We hope you can have a similar experience on your inner journey.

Therapists can develop a stronger bond with their clients using the built-in communication tools and help to strengthen the healthy adult.

  • Real time messaging between the client and therapist.
  • Activity feed showing recent events performed on Secure Nest by the therapist or client.

Therapists can assist clients in understanding the Schema Therapy model and guide them to think in mode terms.

  • The 'My Modes' and 'Goals' forms completed by the therapist provide a reference point for clients.
  • A 'Mode Diary' provides clear directions for the client to follow between sessions.

Clients are supported by self-help tools that therapists can customise based on the clients' individual mode model and strategies to manage their modes.

  • Clients are given strategies they can immediately apply to real-world challenges and emotional problems as well as the complex difficulties typically tackled with schema therapy to start gathering successes earlier in therapy.
  • Early success in therapy empowers clients and gives them strength to work on internalised messages.

Therapists can keep track of their clients’ progress through the use of easy to complete mode ratings.

  • Mode ratings can be used as a therapeutic instrument to discuss outcomes with clients in therapy.
  • Progress can be monitored by the therapist using built-in charts.

Therapists can build their clients' reflective capacity by directing them back to previous work and sessions.

  • Completed homework activities are easy to access, stored by date of assignment.
  • The 'My Files' section allows file upload and retrieval of recorded messages/sessions from a mobile device or computer.

Therapists and clients can set goals and schedule activities to increase the clients’ awareness of their modes and change maladaptive behaviours.

  • The calendar function allows the creation of appointments to schedule homework activities, positive journal entries and regular mode checkpoints.
  • Accessible goals provide the client with motivation to change life patterns.

Schema therapy

Schema therapy empowers people to change long-standing patterns or themes in thinking, feeling and behaving (coping). In schema therapy clients work together with their therapist to address and modify these deeper patterns or themes, also known as "schemas" or "lifetraps."

The schemas that are targeted in therapy are enduring and self-defeating patterns that typically begin early in life (during childhood and adolescence). Schemas develop in response to our needs not being met (needs such as safety, stability, emotional connection and validation) and are usually repeated throughout our lives within our relationships as adults.

Schemas interfere with us getting our emotional needs met as adults. They can often lead to difficulties interacting and forming connections with other people, as well as a general sense of dissatisfaction with life. If our emotional needs remain unmet within our relationships, it is virtually impossible to develop a sense of well-being or happiness in life.

In schema therapy clients work together with their therapist to identify and explore the origins of their schemas. After understanding why their schemas have developed, the emphasis is on working towards healing the schemas. The aim of schema therapy is to truly shift the way a person feels about themselves and others, not just to change the way that they think.

We have designed Secure Nest as a therapeutic tool for schema therapy, which aims to support therapists and clients.

Our Plans

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3 months $37.50 $27.50
12 months $135.00 $95.00

Prices displayed are in Australian Dollars. Checkout through PayPal will allow you to view the converted price in your local currency before sending payment. If you elect to start with a paid subscription you will still receive the first month free. A therapist only pays for a single subscription regardless of number of clients linked.

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