Schema therapy changes lives

We want to support you in changing your clients’ schemas and modes. This will help them to experience life as a healthy adult and happy child; with their needs being fulfilled.

Discover a new way of working, designed to increase engagement, energise and intensify the therapy process by strengthening your connection with clients between therapy sessions.

Secure Nest combines your expertise with a powerful set of online tools created to help your clients heal, feel and experience their life and relationships in healthier ways.


An online transitional object

Increase connection, with Secure Nest strengthening the therapist-client relationship.


Access to support resources in the moment, when clients need it most.

attract referrals

A greater sense of connection can assist with client retention & attracting new referrals.

personalised inbuilt modules

Assign clients activities from our library of modules, written by leading schema therapists.

Flexible tools to SAVE TIME

Our case conceptulisation, flashcards & diaries can be incorporated into your work.

Efficient Therapy Framework

Protocols provide support to begin blended therapy (ehealth + face-to-face sessions).


"Secure Nest is helpful as the conceptualisation is readily available. Clients feel less shame and are more able to disclose personal details in the safety of their own space. Therefore, clients are more able to reveal their Vulnerable Child mode at an earlier stage in a safe way."
Susan Simpson
Schema Therapist
"Secure Nest is an online program modelled on evidence-based best practice therapy techniques to help you understand patterns in your thinking and behaviours that could be impacting your work and personal life. Designed to increase accessibly to schema therapy techniques and make a difference to your wellbeing by supporting you to manage challenges and difficulties."
The wellbeing enterprise lab
"Secure Nest provides a sense of working collaboratively, at an inter and intra session level – like a joint project. I experience increased connection with my clients and have a greater understanding of their experiences. Secure Nest functions as a transitional object between sessions."
Schema Therapist
"Psychologist and UniSA alumna Sally Skewes and her husband Joseph have created Secure Nest, a new online eHealth tool to support schema therapy clients and therapists, empowering people struggling with various issues to change negative life patterns.. a secure portal where therapists and clients could continue to interact between treatment sessions."
University of south australia
Alumni News


About Secure Nest

At Secure Nest our mission is to increase the accessibility of schema therapy to enrich the wellbeing of individuals. We provide a range of tools which empower individuals to change negative life patterns and get their core emotional needs met in everyday life.

Our name, Secure Nest, was inspired by an element of attachment and a developmental process called ‘a secure base’. After repeated experiences with their attachment figures, children or individuals in therapy internalise these relationships for a sense of security that can be utilised when physically distant from their attachment figures. Secure Nest itself can act as a transitional object in-between sessions – as it serves as a link to the therapist.


We collaborate with a number of leaders in the field and partners from all over the world, but our core team consists of…

Sally Skewes


Sally is a Clinical Psychologist and is certified as a Schema Therapist and Supervisor with the ISST. She has co-authored book chapters and articles on schema therapy, presented workshops on eHealth and regularly trains new schema therapists.

As part of Sally’s Happy Child mode she enjoys spending time with native Australian wildlife.

Diana Kleijzen


Diana is a Clinical Psychologist and is certified as a Schema Therapist. She is working toward her qualifications as a Supervisor with the ISST and Dutch ST-society. She specialises in using schema therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.

As part of Diana’s Happy Child mode she loves running, skiing and camping with her husband and 2 children.

Joseph Skewes


Joseph has worked in IT roles (technical and leadership) over the past decade and prior to that in banking. His background provides skills and experience across a number of areas that assist him with managing the technology and operational aspects of Secure Nest.

As part of Joseph’s Happy Child mode he has fun playing with his two Devon Rex cats, Hunter and Sophie.

Michiel van Vreeswijk


Michiel is a Clinical Psychologist and is certified as a Schema Therapist and Supervisor with the ISST and Dutch ST-society. He is the CEO of G-kracht Psychomedisch Centrum BV and Ster-kracht (NL). He has written and edited several books on schema therapy.

As part of Michiel’s Happy Child mode he likes to cook on his Big Green Egg (barbecue).

Contact Us

If you are a therapist, client or someone interested in Secure Nest, we would love to hear from you. Share your successes using the site, ask questions or provide feedback, you can even request a free training session over video chat to ensure you are getting the most out of the site features.

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