Meet your emotional needs, so you can live a healthy and fulfilling life

When our needs (such as love, attention and autonomy) are not met as children, we develop long-standing negative life patterns which keep us from reaching our goals. Let us help you break free from these patterns and take back your life.

What negative life patterns can look like

Relationships 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Are you drawn into relationships with people who reinforce negative thoughts and feelings about yourself?

Careers 👩‍💼

Do you find yourself hitting a wall, with feelings of frustration that you cannot meet your goals?

Self-Esteem 😔

Are you afraid of showing other people who you really are, because you think they might reject you?

Life Balance ⚖️

Do you sacrifice relaxation and fun because you are always trying to do your best?

Self Judgement 😧

Do you experience feelings of inadequacy compared to people around you?

Something Missing 🧩

Does it feel like something vital is wrong or missing from your life with significant others or in your work?

How negative life patterns develop

When our core emotional needs are not met in childhood..

..we develop a particular view of the world and ourselves..

..this leads to long-standing emotional difficulties.

Healing negative life patterns

Schema therapy provides a framework for understanding our negative life patterns (schemas) and empowers people to change these patterns or themes in thinking, feeling and behaving.


Discover which schemas impact your life and the needs which weren’t met leading to their development.


Learn when these schemas are triggered and how to identify the related behaviours.


Take action to fulfill your emotional needs in relationships and within yourself.

How Secure Nest can help

Whether you are seeing a therapist or looking for self-help resources, Secure Nest delivers a range of tools and resources to help you understand yourself through the lens of schema therapy and provides an ongoing dialogue, tools and coaching resources to support your journey of change.

Community 💬

A place to engage and share the journey with others who understand the language of schema therapy.

Resources ▶️

Video, audio and written content, along with personalised tools to help you get started.

Support 🙌

Our team is creating weekly tasks to help you take better care of your needs and keep you on track.

Let’s do this together  👉