A Client’s Guide to Schema Therapy – Bricker / Young

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A Client’s Guide to Schema Therapy, written by David Bricker and Jeffrey Young, is an easy to absorb introduction to Schema Therapy

Life becomes easier when someone can show us the way. We will be taking every opportunity we can to share Schema Therapy resources we have found useful and which make the therapy more accessible (one of our goals at Secure Nest is to increase the accessibility of schema therapy to enrich client well-being).

‘A Client’s Guide to Schema Therapy’, written by David Bricker and Jeffrey Young, is an easy to absorb introduction to Schema Therapy (and we have found it particularly useful for clients). We include a link to it in the ‘Resources’ section for members of Secure Nest for this reason, but thought it would be worthwhile to share it more widely.

You can view the publication here (Click ‘Download Full-text PDF’): A Client’s Guide to Schema Therapy

The guide presents the schema therapy approach, developed by Dr. Jeffrey Young to expand cognitive therapy for clients with more difficult long-term problems. Schema therapy can help people change long-term patterns, including the ways  in which they interact with other people. It consists of six parts:

1. A brief explanation of short-term cognitive therapy;
2. An explanation of what a schema is and examples of schemas;
3. An explanation of the processes by which schemas function;
4. An explanation of modes and how they function within schema therapy;
5. Several case examples; and
6. A brief description of the therapeutic process.

The guide ends on the following note, ‘In summary, schema therapy can help people understand and change long-term life patterns. The therapy consists of identifying early maladaptive schemas, coping styles and modes, and systematically confronting and challenging them.’

We recommend it as a resource for clients who may be new to Schema Therapy or who want to know more about the technique.

The Secure Nest Team


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