How Secure Nest Can Enhance Group Schema Therapy

Secure Nest provides access to evidence-based schema therapy tools developed specifically for a group schema therapy framework.
  • Promote Group Cohesion And Bonding

    Secure Nest offers ways to make use of group process opportunities and therapeutic factors even after the therapy hour.

  • Support Positive Experiences For Group Members

    Encourage group members to share more of who they are in the group and support each other in a safe environment.

  • Access To Tools In Real-Time

    Secure Nest provides access to exercises which assist group members to transfer schema therapy experiences from the therapy room to their everyday lives.

Now schema group therapists can offer their clients a safe and creative platform, encouraging contact with each other and working together on changing schemas and maladaptive modes, even between sessions.
Michiel van Vreeswijk
Clinical Psychologist, Advisor

Group Features

Secure Nest provides structure and all of the necessary tools for the application of schema therapy interventions in group therapy settings.

  • Homework

    Your group members can share homework assignments and experiences at any time.

  • Group Goals

    Our tools support the inclusion of your group members and help in creating a safe environment to reach shared goals.

  • Group Ratings

    Your group members can identify the role schemas and modes play in emotional situations and get to know each other's modes in a safe environment.

  • Step-by-Step Treatment Protocol

    Access a time-limited experiential schema therapy group protocol which provides a framework for delivering blended schema group therapy.

  • Promote Schema Mode Change

    Your group members can use schema therapy strategies, including experiential, cognitive and behavioural techniques in their own environments.

  • Autonomy

    Our tools can stimulate the Healthy Adult and Happy Child Modes of your group members to help meet the needs of their Vulnerable Child Modes.

Secure Nest provides you with a range of tools for group schema therapy, incorporating evidence-based schema therapy tools. Empower your clients to change, breaking the cycle of negative life patterns.