How Secure nest can help

Secure Nest provides access to evidence-based schema therapy tools that are powerful in producing change, and breaking the cycle of self-defeating behaviour.
  • Client Understanding

    The tools include a self-education program, allowing individuals to learn and understand the concepts of schema therapy.

  • Therapeutic Relationship

    Secure Nest will have a positive influence on your relationship with clients by increasing the sense of connection between sessions.

  • Positive Outcomes

    By providing strategies for your clients to access in the moment, you can promote corrective experiences which cultivate positive changes in their lives.

Secure Nest provides the first widely available set of online schema therapy tools, using module-based content, to assist with personality issues.
Sally Skewes
Clinical Psychologist, Co-Founder

Our Features

Secure Nest supports the core aspects of the schema therapy approach (e.g., limited reparenting and enhancement of Healthy Adult functions).

  • Self-Education Program

    Your clients learn about the concepts of schema therapy which are significant in their life.

  • Session Guides

    Step-by-step protocols are available for you to apply with clients in both individual and group therapy settings.

  • Instant Messaging

    As a therapist you can develop a stronger bond with your clients using the built-in communication tools.

  • Module Content

    The Library provides a range of tools and exercises which you can use in providing schema therapy to your client.

  • Activities

    Exercises can be linked to your clients’ modes. These activities can assist with creating positive change.

  • Ratings

    Keep track of your client's progress through easy to use mode ratings and well-being measures, which are charted over time.

Secure Nest provides you with an ehealth platform incorporating evidence-based schema therapy tools. Empower clients to change, breaking the cycle of negative life patterns.