Self-Education Program

Using schema therapy based tools we want to help you understand yourself, your feelings and your personal patterns.
  • Explore

    Gain insight into which schemas and self-defeating behaviours may be impacting on your life.

  • Understand

    We provide access to a program that addresses lifelong problems we all can face. Issues can include difficulties in relationships, self-esteem, and career problems.

  • Change

    People can make significant change in their lives and relationships through the use of Secure Nest.

It’s through experiences, like this self-education program offers, that people can make changes in their lives and relationships.
Sally Skewes
Clinical Psychologist, Co-Founder

Discover How Schema Therapy Could Be Helpful For You

Are you stuck in a major life pattern or in the cycle of self-defeating thinking or behaviour?

  • Relationships

    Are you drawn into relationships with people who reinforce negative thoughts and feelings about yourself?

  • Careers

    Do you find yourself hitting a wall, with feelings of frustration that you cannot meet your goals?

  • Self-Esteem

    Are you afraid of showing other people who you really are, because you think they might reject you?

  • Life Balance

    Do you sacrifice relaxation and fun because you’re always trying to do your best?

  • Something Missing

    Does it feel like something vital is wrong or missing from your life with significant others or in your work?

  • Self Judgement

    Do you experience feelings of inadequacy compared to people around you?

Our three-week self-education program gives you insight into troubling patterns and habits, and the subsequent process of change.