Discover a new way of working in 2020

We want to show you a new way of working with your clients in 2020

2020 🎆 is going to be a big year for schema therapy.

Following incredible growth in attendance (170 in 2008, to 1150 in 2018), the next INSPIRE conference will be held in Copenhagen this May (we hope you will be joining us! 😊).

Schema therapy training organisations are busting at the seams to fit in all the participants interested in developing their knowledge and experience.

Wendy T. Behary and Joan Farrell have been contracted to write a book on schema therapy to be utilised in U.S. university graduate school programs.

Interest in schema therapy is growing in all corners of the globe 🌏, increasing it’s reach and the number of lives it is changing.

At Secure Nest we want to nurture this increasing interest in and accessibility of schema therapy, any way we can.

Perhaps you are a therapist who is new to schema therapy and you are looking for some structure and resources to incorporate into your therapy approach.

Perhaps you are a therapist who has been using schema therapy for sometime and you want to energise the way you are working with your clients.

We want to support you in changing your clients’ schemas and modes. This will help them to experience life as a healthy adult and happy child; with their needs being fulfilled.

Discover a new way of working, designed to increase engagement, energise ⚡ and intensify the therapy process by strengthening your connection with clients between therapy sessions.

Secure Nest combines your expertise with a powerful set of online tools created to help your clients heal, feel and experience their life and relationships in healthier ways 💑.

We have recently made some changes to Secure Nest.

In December we redesigned the home page to better reflect our focus.

We know many clients aren’t able to pay for Secure Nest, so we updated our pricing to increase the accessibility of schema therapy.

Today we uploaded a new series of videos which will introduce you to how you can use the tools on Secure Nest to improve your therapy practice. View the full Playlist on YouTube or we have embedded the second video in the series below which looks at how the case conceptualisation can be created automatically using the schema assessment tools which are built into Secure Nest:

We hope you can support our journey and make Secure Nest a part of your year ahead. If you need some help in the transition to using online tools in your therapy practice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The Secure Nest Team


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Secure Nest provides personalised online therapy tools designed specifically for schema therapy. Read more here or register for your free trial.