Empowering Individuals Using Schema Therapy

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Some of the changes we've made are key to empowering individuals

Building on recent blog posts (tools for schema therapists, group schema therapy tools and a self-education program for schema therapy), we wanted to further explain some of the recent improvements we’ve made to Secure Nest. Some of the changes we’ve made are more subtle, however are key to empowering individuals to use Secure Nest in a flexible and transparent manner.

We took onboard some of the feedback from our users and updated the functionality in response.

One of the questions was “why can’t my client update their own modes in My Modes?”

Good question! We did have the option for a therapist to turn on client editing of their modes, but one of the overall goals in schema therapy is to empower individuals to understand themselves and change their life patterns. How can they do that if they don’t have the ability to write about their own experiences?

We have now provided the ability for all individuals on the platform to add, edit or delete their own modes in My Modes. This provides greater flexibility allowing individuals to manage the content in their own mode model. Therapists can still contribute to their linked clients’ My Modes too.

Another question was “how do I show my clients their Mode Rating charts?”

Again, there was functionality for a therapist to turn this on, but we decided greater transparency would be important for the individuals using the platform.

Charts are now visible to all individuals in the Ratings section. The charts are for reflection. It is not always a goal to show improvement, as increases in scores may show more awareness of schemas and modes that are triggered, and core needs.

And “What does my client do at the end of therapy?”

This question came up a number of times and in the recent update we provide some options. We wanted individuals to be able to take ownership over their Secure Nest account, so at the end of therapy individuals can now delink their therapist (in My Profile -> Edit Profile) and retain access to their personalised content. They can also relink their previous therapist or another therapist should the need arise in the future.

Further to this we have provided the option for individuals (& therapists) to download their personal data (My Profile -> Download Data).

A feature we added on a previous occasion which empowers clients was My Journal (which was moved from the main dashboard into Workshop). This enables individuals to engage in a longer form of writing without a Homework entry having to be initiated by their therapist.

If you think of any other ways we can improve Secure Nest we would love to hear from you.

The Secure Nest Team


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