Enhancing schema therapy with Secure Nest

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We are excited to share our new eBook which we wrote to help support therapists and their clients who are new to Secure Nest.

At Secure Nest we are always looking for improved ways to introduce our online tools into therapy practice. We are excited to share with you a new eBook we wrote to help support the journey for therapists and their clients who are new to Secure Nest (and a handy reference for the rest of us!). Our new eBook (Enhancing Schema Therapy With Secure Nest) guides you through:

  • The benefits of using eHealth tools (such as Secure Nest) to support the therapy process
  • Why it is important to consider the use of eHealth tools
  • Simple steps to getting started with Secure Nest (registering, inviting clients, populating the case conceptualisation)
  • Information about our self-education program for your clients
  • How you might introduce different Secure Nest tools across the stages of therapy

Download our free eBook here: Enhancing Schema Therapy With Secure Nest

We are also mindful that some people find it easier to learn through video, so we have begun to produce a series of short videos that will guide you through using Secure Nest. Our first two are available on our YouTube channel in this playlist: Secure Nest For Therapists

We are also going to embed our video to help you get started which takes you through registering an account, inviting your first client, populating the case conceptualisation and a quick introduction to two features, My Modes and Notes.

We hope you find these new resources helpful and if you have any questions, feedback or want an extra hand to get started with introducing Secure Nest into therapy please don’t hesitate to reach out to us: [email protected]

The Secure Nest Team


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Secure Nest provides personalised online therapy tools designed specifically for schema therapy. Read more here or register for your free trial.