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Group Schema Therapy - Group Nest - For Secure Nest
Changes we recently made to Secure Nest include the addition of the Group Nest

At Secure Nest we wanted to create an online set of schema therapy tools that can assist individuals and therapists when they are using schema therapy in any setting. We have an interest in providing tools to support individual therapy, self-education for schema therapy and group therapy. The changes we recently made to Secure Nest include the addition of the Group Nest, a set of tools designed specifically for group schema therapy.

These tools allow a therapist to create a safe workspace to support clients receiving group schema therapy. Anything added to the Group Nest space can be seen by anyone in the group. This allows participants to support each other between sessions in a transparent way and creates a sense of belonging, when completing exercises or struggling with difficulties throughout the week. Read more about how our platform can enhance group schema therapy: Secure Nest for Group Therapy.

The Group Nest features were created in close collaboration with Michiel van Vreeswijk and the team at G-kracht psychomedisch centrum (mental health care institute) in The Netherlands.

Here is a brief overview of how it works:

1. Any therapist account can create a Group Nest. Typically a group would be facilitated by two therapists, so you may wish to create a new therapist account to be shared by the therapists (a client is able to link or delink a therapist account at any time in My Profile, they will only need the therapist account username).

To create a new Group Nest, visit the Group Admin menu and click the + symbol:

Group Schema Therapy - Group Nest - Create Group

2. This brings you to the screen where you will create a name for the group, upload an image to represent the group, add an introduction/group norms which will be visible on the group dashboard at all times and then add any clients who are linked with your account (select their name on the left and click the arrow to move them to the right, adding them to Group Members). Click Add Group when you are ready to create it. This will instantly make the Group Nest available on the dashboard and in the links at the top of the page for clients in the group to access it.

You can edit the details of the group at anytime, so you may wish to create the group without any clients added to begin with so you can see what it looks like and then go back in to Group Admin to add the clients.

3. The Group Nest dashboard is where all the group tools can then be accessed. Most of the tools for individual therapy are replicated in a format that suits group therapy, for example providing easy selection tools for members of the group to see the submissions of any other group member. The only information or data that is shared between the individual and group tools are the Ratings and the names of client’s modes.

Group Schema Therapy - Group Nest - Dashboard

4. Once a series of group therapy sessions are complete, the space can be left open by the therapist, allowing clients to continue supporting each other after therapy or it can be deleted. Once deleted (or a client is removed from the group) no content can be retrieved other than the ratings data which is shared with the individual tools.


In the near future we will be adding a 20 session protocol to the Library which will provide therapists and the group with a structure to follow in blended therapy (e.g. alternate weeks of face to face and online sessions).

We hope this overview of the Group Nest (group schema therapy tools) has been helpful. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions.

The Secure Nest Team


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