INSPIRE 2020 – Secure Nest in Copenhagen

The Secure Nest Team will be presenting at INSPIRE 2020, the ISST Biennial Conference, being hosted in Copenhagen this May

We are pleased to let you know that The Secure Nest Team will be presenting at INSPIRE 2020, the ISST Biennial Conference, being hosted in Copenhagen this May. We are presenting on Secure Nest in the late afternoon on Friday and Saturday. With the schedule recently released and tickets available, we wanted to let you know in case you will be attending the conference and would like to sit in on our sessions. Find an excerpt from and links to the sessions below.

5.00 PM - 6.30 PM - Developing an attachment bond with your client in an online environment

Link to full details

Secure Nest excerpt: In the second part of the skill class we will demonstrate how Secure Nest functions as a transitional object, illustrated by a case example. Reaching out between sessions can be quite difficult. For us as therapists, because of our workload and the boundaries we want to provide, and especially for clients. There are situations in which we wish we could have a stronger connection between sessions. Each therapy session can feel like an island in the ocean for clients. With no solid ground and strong storms between sessions, this time can evoke powerful and overwhelming emotions. Participants in this skill class will engage in an experiential exercise to experience the strength of developing an attachment bond with clients in an online environment.

SATURDAY LATE AFTERNOON CASE PRESENTATION 1 (S3CP1): 4.15 PM - 5.45 PM - Strengthening the Healthy Adult Mode

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Secure Nest excerpt: The patient is often coached to practice being in the Healthy Adult themselves in the last stage of therapy. However, even in this stage of therapy it can be difficult to translate changes in the treatment room to the patient’s day to day life. How can we bring the Healthy Adult into the patient’s world, which is often a very different setting to the treatment room? The introduction of technology in Schema Therapy provides new ways to strengthen the Healthy Adult. If therapists and patients could bring the Healthy Adult into the patient’s world from the start of therapy via accessing a therapy companion, such as Secure Nest between sessions this could enhance the experience of therapy and assist with the important needs-meeting work in Schema Therapy. Creative ways to introduce the Healthy Adult, help patients to understand the Healthy Adult, and learn Healthy Adult behaviour will be illustrated across different stages of therapy using Secure Nest.

Online registration for the conference is now open.

We hope that you may be able to join us for one or both of the sessions or otherwise have an opportunity to speak to us at the conference if you would like to discuss using technology to enhance schema therapy 😊

The Secure Nest Team


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