Introducing ‘Artful Sparks’

We are excited to share a new feature with you that was recently added to Secure Nest

We are excited to share a new feature with you that was recently added to Secure Nest. Artful Sparks is a blank digital canvas within Secure Nest ready for you to fill with colours, words, pictures or anything else you can imagine.

You can access Artful Sparks through the button on your dashboard, it is available to individuals and therapists alike.

Art therapy provides an avenue to process feelings and emotions, reflect on past experiences and can help with reframing your current thinking patterns. In a recent article on art therapy to strengthen the Healthy Adult, Suzanne Haeyen writes:

“Art therapy appears to offer ways to strengthen healthy adult functioning because it provides an opportunity for people to come in contact with their own feelings and needs as well as those of others. In art therapy interventions processes are often more felt than thought, and approaches appeal to the integration and growth of the whole person. Art therapy might help people to free themselves from destructive patterns and to work on satisfying their basic needs as independent and responsibly functioning individuals in a positive connectedness with themselves and their surroundings.”
Strengthening the Healthy Adult Self in Art Therapy

The Artful Sparks feature allows you to draw and save images within Secure Nest. The drawing tools can be used to create schema therapy related concepts, such as drawing your modes (which can then be uploaded to represent each mode). They could be used to visualise past experiences or feelings which are difficult to put into words.

Here is a quick overview of some of the tools within Artful Sparks:

  • Pencil, paintbrush (including stroke width) and line tools
  • Shapes including circle / oval, square / rectangle and more
  • Eraser and bucket (fill)
  • Colour palette, text, undo and redo
  • Save to your Secure Nest or open an existing drawing to continue
  • Upload an Artful Sparks drawing to represent a mode in My Modes
  • Upload an Artful Sparks drawing as a Homework response


At the top of the canvas are drawing ideas. The ideas are inspired by the art therapy experiences of Sally Skewes and Vivian Francesco (thanks Vivian!), who has a creative background in graphic design, photography and art therapy. There are a few to start and we will add more over time and provide additional suggestions via our newsletter (which you can subscribe to here).

Ultimately though, we designed Artful Sparks to be used with creative freedom. If you are working with a therapist on Secure Nest, perhaps they have a suggestion on what it would be helpful for you to draw. Maybe you can use it to keep a visual diary of your moods from day to day. Don’t feel limited by our suggestions though.

For anyone new to Secure Nest, you can create a free trial account here (no credit card required) or use this link if you are a therapist.

What are you waiting for? You have a blank canvas to fill…

The Secure Nest Team



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