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Using online tools in therapy is something new to many therapists, but it doesn't need to be complicated

Using online tools in therapy is something new to many therapists, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact we are interested in making it easier for therapists. That is one of the reasons we introduced the self-education program for schema therapy. This program provides an avenue for a client to complete some initial assessments which populate an overview of an individual’s schemas, related core emotional needs and coping styles in My Modes (without therapist direction, other than asking your client to start the program).

At the end of the initial assessments in the self-education program, clients / individuals will be asked whether they want to:

* Create My Modes from survey results
* Enroll me in the 3 week email program

If they leave the top option checked it will create 5 modes in My Modes:

Healthy Adult Mode
Happy Child Mode
Vulnerable Child Mode (customised from their assessment)
Coping Mode (customised from their assessment)
Dysfunctional Parent Mode

Which can be a starting point for therapy.

The program can also generate emails over 3 weeks introducing the clients to the 16 ‘Schema Therapy Self-Help Sessions’ in the Library (if they choose to enroll at the end of the initial assessments), which could assist with supporting your client between sessions. Alternatively you could suggest they uncheck this option and instead you can link to these modules in My Modes or as homework entries at an appropriate point in therapy.

The process of integrating Secure Nest into schema therapy is discussed at greater length in a module specifically for therapists called ‘Introduce Secure Nest into Therapy’ (located in Library -> Schema Therapist Resources). The modules in this area are only visible to therapists and provide additional tools to support your use of Secure Nest with clients. They include practical ideas and tools, such as an email template for introducing your clients to Secure Nest and which of the modules may be best suited to the treatment phases of schema therapy. We will be building on the content in this area over time.

If you think of any other practical ways in which we can support you to introduce Secure Nest into schema therapy we would love to hear your ideas (contact The Secure Nest Team)!

The Secure Nest Team


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Secure Nest provides personalised online therapy tools designed specifically for schema therapy. Read more here or register for your free trial.