Getting In Contact With Your Own Happy Child Mode

January 11, 2018

We all have a Happy Child mode however, when we feel vulnerable or experience intense emotions it can feel absent or very weak. Our Happy Child mode supports us to balance moments of stress and frustration with the need for fun and recovery from everyday life.

How do you notice when you are feeling the need for fun and recovery from your everyday life?

In our Happy Child mode we feel light, playful, fun loving and spontaneous. We also feel content and connected with others.

It could be helpful to consider the following questions:

Which actions, situations, and people trigger your Happy Child mode?

When did you last feel your Happy Child mode? Think about the last week, when did you feel happy and lighthearted?

What belongs to your Happy Child mode? What is important? Are there certain people, special activities or certain situations?

Is there anything that makes it easier for you to get into your Happy Child mode?


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