Healthy Adult Ways Of Getting Your Emotional Needs Met

January 25, 2018

Below are some suggestions for Healthy Adult ways of getting your emotional needs met (a useful reminder for anyone):

‣ Validating my feelings and needs

‣ Expressing my needs to people I trust

‣ Asking “What would a healthy parent do for a young child?”

‣ Developing relationships with honesty, self-directedness, and genuineness

‣ Confidence building through praising my efforts and responding with self-compassion

‣ Respond with kindness, empathy and understanding to difficulties, feelings and needs in the context of my experiences

‣ Striving for a balance between pleasant adult activities (intellectual/cultural/physical) and social obligations

‣ Showing respect for my body

‣ Experiencing my body and mind as integrated parts of myself

‣ Trying to enhance helpful, Healthy Adult behaviours (sustaining a job, taking responsibility, connecting to others)

‣ Setting realistic goals and moral principles


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