Schemas and Associated Core Emotional Needs

January 27, 2019

Schema therapy places core emotional needs at its centre. The essence of schema therapy involves helping individuals meet their needs. The better we can understand what core emotional needs are, the more we can meet those needs in our relationships and within ourselves.

As the goal of meeting core emotional needs is very important, we wanted to share an updated table. The table below builds on our previous article and table (Linking Schemas to Unmet Emotional Needs in Childhood), illustrating which core emotional needs are connected to each schema. These are needs that were insufficiently met during a person’s childhood or adolescence.

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PDF Link: Schemas and Associated Core Emotional Needs


We encourage you to discuss your relevant unmet core emotional needs and schemas with those in your support network. Think about your emotional needs and try to identify the core feelings that you experience. It can be helpful to draw a picture of the child you once were, whispering through time into your past and then treating yourself as tenderly as you would a small child. Try to be aware of the child you once were, and think of concrete ways in which you can validate the feelings and needs from the adult you are now.

The Secure Nest Team


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