New Secure Nest Feature: My Journal

We recently advised Secure Nest members by email that some new features were available and this is a post exploring one of the new features

We recently advised Secure Nest members by email that some new features were available and this is a post exploring one of the new features, ‘My Journal‘.

Like most of the features offered by Secure Nest, there is flexibility in the way it could be used in your therapy process. My Journal could be used by a client to keep some notes or write about recent events. It works similarly to ‘Homework‘, but unlike Homework, an entry in My Journal is initiated by the client.


To create a new My Journal entry (you may only do this from a client account), click My Journal from the Secure Nest Dashboard (you will need to be logged in):


You will then be presented with the My Journal page:


– Enter a subject/summary

– Choose a date/time of the entry

– Enter your entry content in the large text field

– You can choose to upload a file (files uploaded are also accessible in ‘My Files‘)

– Click ‘Save’ or ‘Submit (Finalise)’

My Journal entries which have been saved (but not yet submitted) are only accessible to you (the client). Once they have been submitted (listed in ‘Finalised Journal Items’), it will be recorded in ‘Notes’ as an event and then be available for your therapist to view and add a comment (if appropriate).

If a client has a finalised or saved entry open and wishes to clear the fields to add a new entry, click the ‘Add New Journal Item’ button which will ready the fields to enter new content.


To view any My Journal entries from your clients, go to the My Journal page from the dashboard button and then select your client:


Any finalised My Journal items for the client will be listed for you to select from. Click an entry and you will be provided the details, with the opportunity to leave a comment (in the section designated) and upload a file. Click ‘Update’ to add any content you’ve added to the entry, this will be recorded in Notes as an event:


As a reminder, every therapist has access to a built in ‘client account’ with which you can experiment or even use to create your own My Journal entries (see the ‘Secure Nest User Guide For Therapists’ in ‘Resources’ on how to login to this account, but essentially it’s just ‘c.username’ with your current password). You will need to submit any entries using this account before they would be accessible to view logged in with your standard account.


We hope you find this new feature useful and will soon be documenting other new features made available to users of Secure Nest.

The Secure Nest Team


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