Schema Therapy Techniques: Flashcards

Schema Therapy Flashcards
Flashcards are written statements referred to by the client in-between sessions

This series of posts in the Secure Nest Journal will focus on how schema therapy techniques can be used on and enhanced by our platform. George Lockwood describes flashcards on the International Society of Schema Therapy’s website.

Flashcards are written statements referred to by the client in-between sessions. As George Lockwood mentions, “they are developed by the therapist or a co-creation of therapist and patient and are statements that would be similar to those made by a parent to a young child at the developmental age that the patient currently experiences their Vulnerable Child mode.”

As flashcards are often developed for each type of challenging situation and phase of treatment it can be difficult to keep track of what situations you have prepared flashcards for, and for clients, where they are when they need them (often when intense states are triggered).

In Secure Nest you can centralise all of the resources that can be used to manage each mode in one location. Feedback from our pilot study suggests that Secure Nest itself serves as a transitional object in-between sessions – as it serves as a link to the therapist. This is important especially in the early phases of treatment of work on problems rooted in early attachment. The messages and sentiments expressed in the cards are gradually internalized and, thus, are very helpful in developing the Healthy Adult mode.

Imagine the support your client would receive if he/she could access everything that goes against the Punitive Parent mode for example (in various forms such as notes, poems, audio flashcards, written flashcards, completed Schema Therapy diaries and even Healthy Adult mode songs) when stuck in this dysfunctional mode – to reconnect to their Healthy Adult mode.

We have just added 3 new flashcard templates into the ‘Therapist Resources’ category of Resources (accessible to therapists with a trial or subscription). When downloaded these have editable fields that can be filled in (e.g. in Adobe Reader), saved and then uploaded for your clients in My Files.

The Secure Nest Team


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