Sharing Schema Therapy Experiences (myillustratedmind)

Some people, either receiving or guiding the therapy, have very unique ways in which they express the concepts of the schema therapy

At Secure Nest our goal is to increase the accessibility of schema therapy to enrich the well-being of individuals. One way of increasing the accessibility of schema therapy is to let others know about how this approach can be helpful. Some people, either receiving or guiding the therapy, have very unique ways in which they express the concepts of schema therapy.

One example we came across on Instagram was the artistic talent of myillustratedmind.

Kathryn has been sharing her experiences with schema therapy in a way that is easy to understand and resonates emotionally with others. We want to thank Kathryn for sharing about her emotional experiences and raising awareness of schema therapy.

We provide some information to describe the schema therapy concepts in two of the images, however, the images say it all and capture the ideas wonderfully.

The first image reflects the process of acknowledging the impact of damaging experiences in childhood and the intense emotional experiences that are related to these experiences where core needs were not met.

Schema therapy’s aim is to meet these needs by helping individuals find the experiences that were missed in early childhood that will serve as an antidote to the damaging experiences that led to maladaptive schemas and modes.

The second image reflects how we cope with the pain associated with the neglect and abuse that leads to the development of schemas and modes. Coping styles help to reduce pain in the short run, however they become the way we unknowingly, but actively, perpetuate schemas and modes in the long run as core needs remain unfulfilled. The process of schema therapy involves reaching the emotional side and bypassing the coping styles that block access to this side.

Please do follow Kathryn on Instagram to show your support: myillustratedmind

If you have any unique ways you are spreading the word about schema therapy we would love to hear about it (and potentially share it here in our Journal). You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or by email ([email protected]).

The Secure Nest Team


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