Social media and apomediation to increase schema therapy accessibility

Try to schedule time for social media. Start small and set goals, 30 minutes a day is a good start, include Secure Nest somewhere in your schedule

At work, therapists really want to focus on the client. You know the quality of your therapist-client relationship is the most important tool you have and you rely on that. Together with that security, you inform yourself about the latest insights and scientific findings to improve yourself and your work. Sometimes you search for resources on the internet.

At home, you grab your phone for…? Order a meal or a new book you want to read, checking out a new holiday destination or the best schedule for traveling to that paradise. You also want to know if the hotel you were thinking about staying at received positive reviews.

We know that some of the information on the internet is not reliable or checked by experts and yet most of us use that information. It is just there when we google it. Use of the internet is still expanding rapidly. In 10 years from now almost everybody in the world will have internet access. We all use the internet as one of our first sources of information. That also goes for people in treatment.

I know you think there will be a problem with privacy if you use social media in treatment. You are right. Not everything in the treatment room is suitable for social media. Though, it is the biggest source you have to get in contact with other people, to share information. The tools and content on Secure Nest is designed and published by schema therapy experts. Together we can attract more people to a site which hosts information that you can rely on. You can help to spread accurate information about schema therapy, along with the latest scientific findings. Start reading the information on Secure Nest and try it out in your practice.

Second, I am sure you don’t have time for social media during your working day. Consider yourself planning a holiday. How do you schedule the time you are preparing for the trip you planned? It’s not different at work, but yes, it can get messy sometimes (at least with me). More channels of information sometimes leads to more work. On the other hand, it provides so much energy. Getting more information about subjects you like, getting more videos to use in the treatment, TED Talks you can recommend. Not to mention Instagram pictures where your client is in their Healthy Adult mode (see myillustratedmind). Try to schedule time for social media. Start small and set goals, 30 minutes a day is a good start, include Secure Nest somewhere in your schedule.

The third reason you convince yourself not to use social media for work is that you are specialised in real contact with the people in treatment. The ‘internet wall’, can be distracting. With that in mind please read about the theory of ‘apomediation’. That means going directly to the information you are searching for through a collaborative filter, even if it is not a (previously considered) expert source. What if that happens to us, therapists: Users subscribe to Secure Nest to find the information they want, with no need for us being present. How would you feel about that? I would be delighted. More learning possibilities, more shared treatment experiences, saving time for the parts of treatment I know I need to be present. Using Secure Nest as a tool we can both appreciate in treatment.

Remember, if you don’t create a social media channel for communication, someone else will.. so feel free to join us building our channel about schema therapy.

Lastly today, thank you to all those sharing their experiences from ENLIGHT 2019 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Although I wasn’t there in person, I read posts that inspired me. I hope you enjoyed the conference.

Diana Kleijzen
The Secure Nest Team


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