Successes of 2017 & Our Exciting Plans for 2018

The end of the year is often a great time to reflect on the challenges and successes one has experienced over the previous 12 months

The end of the year is often a great time to reflect on the challenges and successes one has experienced over the previous 12 months.

For Secure Nest, 2017 has been a landmark year in our mission to increase the accessibility of schema therapy to enrich client well-being. We think the future of breakthroughs in this area will come with the increasing adoption of technology in our everyday lives (The Importance of eHealth for Schema Therapy). Here is a snippet of our achievements:

• We traveled through Europe, meeting with some key groups of therapists who provided us with feedback and ideas which will be incorporated into future updates.

• Anthill Magazine included us in their SMART 100 Index, ranking within the top 50 innovations (Secure Nest Included in SMART 100 Index).

• The University of South Australia awarded us the Venture Catalyst grant, which will help achieve our mission by making improvements to the platform (Secure Nest Receives UniSA Venture Catalyst Grant).

• We welcomed a new member to the team, Michiel van Vreeswijk, who will provide guidance as we continue to develop the Secure Nest platform (Welcoming Michiel van Vreeswijk to the Secure Nest Team).

While only a few improvements were made to the platform throughout this year, our activities were focused on finding the resources we would need to overhaul some of the ways in which Secure Nest functions, to maximise the value we can provide to clients and their therapists. We are pleased to let you know that (while retaining our existing features) we will be bringing some big and exciting improvements to the platform in 2018 which will include:

• Module based content: To reduce the amount of input required by therapists and provide the basis for self-education by clients.

• Group features: Allowing use of Secure Nest in group schema therapy by providing a shared platform through which therapists can share content and clients can support each other between sessions.

• Help system: This will provide access to the instructions you need in each area of the site, making it easier to use.

• Much more: This only scratches the surface of the additional functionality we will be bringing and look forward to sharing more with you soon.

As 2017 draws to an end we would like to take this moment to thank all subscribers of the site for their support throughout the year, you are assisting to make this all possible. We would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year and we look forward to you joining us as our journey continues into 2018.

The Secure Nest Team


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