Successes of 2018 & Our Exciting Plans for 2019

A celebration of our successes from this year and some hints at what you can expect in the next

We have had a huge year at Secure Nest and thought we would continue a tradition started last year with a celebration of our successes from this year and some hints at what you can expect in the next.

2018 could be split into three key themes: build, launch, promote.

Build. After securing funding to continue the development of Secure Nest and spending much of late 2017 planning our changes, the first half of 2018 consisted mostly of building. Building the new features, testing the new platform and writing content for the Library / Self-Education Program. This phase was largely behind the scenes with only a couple of hints along the way.

Launch. We soft launched some of the new features in August, with our official launch in September. Considering the scope of the changes made we were pleased with how it all went and with the increasing interest in the new tools since.

Promote. We have spent the last few months promoting not only ways in which you can use the new tools, but also schema therapy in general. As our mission is to increase the accessibility of schema therapy, we have spent a lot of time creating content that we hope is useful for both therapists and individuals. The new email tools we integrated make it easier to distribute that information to those interested in a more professional format (i.e. in our ‘Friends of Secure Nest Newsletter).

We hope you have benefited from the new features and regular content we are now creating.

Our plans for 2019

If we were to highlight a theme we want to dominate in 2019, it would be GROW.

We plan to grow our team (exciting news on this coming soon).

We want to grow our audience (across social media and newsletter), because we think we create and share unique and helpful resources which can help a lot of people.

Growing our subscriber base is important, because increasing financial support will allow us to continue to improve Secure Nest.

We want the Secure Nest platform to grow, not necessarily with more features, but through improving the quality of service it delivers.

As innovators in the eHealth space we want to grow as people, improving our skills, the connection with our customers and in turn an understanding of our customers’ needs.

We have big plans for 2019 and beyond.

If you have your own ideas on how we can achieve the above or ways in which you could help us on our journey, we would love to hear from you.

The Secure Nest Team


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