Using the Secure Nest Calendar Feature

Secure Nest Calendar 1
We included a calendar which allows clients to keep therapy related events, appointments

When developing Secure Nest we wanted to ensure that each client’s ‘secure nest’ contained features that could capture anything they might need when using schema therapy. We included a calendar which allows clients to keep therapy related events, appointments, activities and messages separate to any other they may use. It can be used for the basics such as noting time and dates of upcoming therapy appointments. It can also be used by the therapist and client during the course of therapy, for example to schedule activities throughout the week (e.g. behavioural activities, mode awareness activities), providing clients with a sense of connection and potentially enhancing motivation between sessions.

We have information on how to use the calendar function in the guides available for both therapists and clients on the Resources page, however we wanted to make some of this information a little more accessible with a Secure Nest Journal entry.

Those who have an account can access the Calendar by clicking the image below or using the button from the Dashboard.

Secure Nest Calendar Button

Create a Calendar Event

A therapist or client can add a calendar entry by scrolling to the section below the calendar (a therapist will need to select the client first) and filling in the fields:

Secure Nest Calendar - Add Item
Add a title (e.g. weekly therapy session)
Choose a frequency (e.g. is it a one off or recurring)
Enter a date, start time and end time
Tick ‘Send Reminder Email’ for a client notification
Choose a colour (this could help differentiate between types of calendar items)
Write a longer description (if it is needed)
Use the ‘+’ in the bottom right corner to add check boxes
Finalise the item (adding it to the calendar) by clicking ‘Add Event’

You can add up to 4 check boxes. Scheduled suggestions and/or activities (e.g. checking updated modes after therapy sessions as directed by the therapist) can be ticked by a client using the check boxes which can be added to any calendar item, this can provide a sense of fulfillment and success in the early phase of therapy.

Edit / Delete a Calendar Event

To edit an existing calendar entry, find the date on which it was set and click the entry:

Secure Nest Calendar 4An ‘Event Details’ screen will appear from where you can choose to ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ the event. Choosing to edit will take you to a page where you can edit all the details. You can add a tick to a check box by clicking in the middle of it or remove a check box entry by clicking the red cross to the right hand side of it.

Once finished editing click ‘Update Event’ to change the entry details.



We hope this has been useful in guiding you through use of the calendar feature. If you have any questions about this or other Secure Nest features, please don’t hesitate to send us an email ([email protected]) or use the contact form.

The Secure Nest Team


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