Welcoming Michiel van Vreeswijk to the Secure Nest Team

Secure Nest Together - Journal Post
We are pleased to let everyone know that we are adding a new member to the Secure Nest Team

Following the recent announcement of having won the UniSA Venture Catalyst grant, we are pleased to let everyone know that we are adding a new member to the Secure Nest Team, Michiel van Vreeswijk.

michiel van vreeswijk

Michiel is a Clinical Psychologist. He is certified as a Schema Therapist and Supervisor with the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST). Michiel conducts regular workshops and supervision in Schema Therapy in the Netherlands, across Europe and around the world. He has written, edited and authored books, chapters and articles on Schema Therapy, including Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Schema Therapy, Theory, Research, and Practice (2012) and Mindfulness and Schema Therapy: A Practical Guide (2014).

Michiel is co-director of G-kracht psychomedisch centrum (mental health care institute) in The Netherlands. He is chairman of the training, supervision, personal therapy for mental health care professionals foundation Groeikracht.

Michiel is joining the team in an advisory position and will assist with developing content and exciting new features that will be added to the Secure Nest platform over the months ahead. With Michiel’s vast depth of experience and knowledge in Schema Therapy we are excited to have him on board as we will be able to contribute positive change to the lives of individuals together.

The Secure Nest Team


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