You, me and a purple crayon

purple crayon
In this post for Secure Nest I (Diana Kleijzen) will introduce myself and tell you some central ideas that motivated me to join the Secure Nest team in 2019

In this post for Secure Nest I (Diana Kleijzen) will introduce myself and tell you about some central ideas that motivated me to join the Secure Nest team in 2019.

Mental health care in the Netherlands is now characterised by waiting lists, turnover ceilings and the burnout of people in treatment, as well as burnout of my colleagues. The mental health care system should promote taking care of each other. For me, professionally as in my personal life, I strongly believe in taking good care of yourself, changing life patterns when needed and giving energy to your health and surroundings before you can take care of others (self-sacrifice and subjugation schemas).

Schema therapy has been of great value in my life, ever since I started reading about it in 2007. Funnily enough I started working with schema therapy when I was expecting my first son. The development and messages in taking care of children are important to understand in which specific areas problems can arise in one’s life. On the other hand taking good care of relationships gives areas to play with new behaviour.

Having two children turned out to be the best playground to work on my schema of unrelenting standards. This is one of my central schemes that can take over my daily behaviour (overcontroller mode), instead of taking care of the most basic parts in life, myself and my loved ones.

In 2012 I started my private practice in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The waiting list was a common feature in my practice as it was for that of my local colleagues. They formed the basics in my plans for the future. In my search to make schema therapy accessible online I bumped in to Sally Skewes at the International Society of Schema Therapy’s 2018 conference in Amsterdam. Her workshop was so energetic and aligned with my plans that we made a Skype appointment. After some meetings we decide to share our energy in working together on an online platform to help people changing life patterns, together with Joseph Skewes and Michiel van Vreeswijk.

With the world in turmoil, we need you in our mission to reach more people with schema therapy. Start using our platform’s possibilities: take advantage of the free trial on Secure Nest, using the self-help module or together with a therapist. Even working in a group is possible. Secure Nest provides you with many flexible ways of using it. We will listen to your feedback, good and bad, and use it to improve our platform.

That brings me back to my children and my mission in life as a whole.

My son once had a favourite book*. Together we read about a forest that did not yet exist, but that was supposed to be there. Then we read about a little boy with a purple crayon drawing the forest, starting with one tree. Schema therapy is a lot about child needs that should have been taking care of. Secure Nest will provide a safe place to work on your unmet needs and changing life patterns. Take us on your Secure Nest journey, so we can keep drawing, with our purple crayon.

Diana Kleijzen
Traction Lead, Secure Nest
Clinical Psychologist – KiK Psychotherapy

* 1955 Crockett Johnson
C. Johnson, translated by: A.M.G. Schmidt, Roquito and the purple crayon, Rotterdam, 2000


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